A Danger Coming

Talal Alageel

A danger coming in 2020 threatens motorcycle makers, and that's because of the EU's thermal emissions laws.

In 1999, Europe start implementing Euro 1 process. The second was in 2003 and then in 2006, and the solution was to use catalytic converter. Ten years and no action was taken but in 2017 was strictly implemented, forcing the manufacturers to do that for the half twenty thousand kilometers of the bike life, as well as the installation of sophisticated electronic systems on the Throttle include the driving and control system. So, many motorcycle makers got unexpected slap especially those who were thinking that was just hearsay.

At the time, this was a death sentence for many bikes, including the Suzuki Hypoza, which was banned from entering EU

Japanese manufacturers and others rushed to try to get out of this bitter nightmare. Honda, for example, stopped selling some bikes and made a dramatic modification, to be accepted with these new regulations. Then, Yamaha and Suzuki faced the same problems.

For the moment, the biggest challenge is the upcoming Euro 5 in 2020, which includes reducing emissions again to the half and installing a complex system that ensures these new readings, without mentioning the miles.

Manufacturers are currently in a technological race to enforce this law, and for sure some models will disappear from sale lists 2020. If you do not succeed in selling an expensive motorcycle in the EU, you are going to be a bankrupt. I think Kawasaki is the only non-EU manufacturer ready for 2020.

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