8 of the Most common Motorcycle Types

Posted by: Jim Koorampoikayil

8 of the Most common Motorcycle Types

We often come across many types of motorcycles in the market and through this article, I'll be explaining 8 of the most common types of Motorcycles. Read on and keep tuned in.

Sports Bikes

Sportbikes are one of the two conventional motorcycles that everyone thinks of. Ask a kid to draw a fast motorcycle and they attempt to draw a CBR or a GSX-R. There are few features of Sportbikes that are most focused and they are: Performance, Acceleration, Cornering, and Braking. They're as light-weighted and powerful, and typically not as comfortable as other types of motorcycles are. KTM is one such leading sportsbike company


Naked Motorcycles:

Another type that we are talking about is, also called naked motorcycles—offer nearly all the performance at par with sportbikes but with much more comfortable riding positions and an additional overall utility. This is a swiftly growing segment showing a promising growth in the electric motorcycle segment.


Dual Sports

We have a mix of both sports and naked motorcycle. Part road, part dirt, so-called dual sport motorcycles are quite legal on the street and they are capable of highway travel as well as urban/suburban commuting. They are a sort of mile munching machines that can also tackle off-road trails on the weekends. If you are looking for a more street-oriented dual sport motorcycle, you must look for a supermoto, which is a dual sport with 17-inch wheels and street tyres.


Cruiser Motorcycles

Stanching from the styling themes laid down by Harley-Davidson, most cruiser motorcycles are low-lying, long, and mostly mean looking. Their key benefit is a low seat height along with an assured visual boastfulness. Harley-Davidson may be the creator of the cruiser motorcycle style, but other prevalent manufacturers—including some Italian ones—have created their own.


Touring and Sports:

Times have changed and today's touring and sport touring motorcycles are built for the long haul and include full weather protection, waterproof luggage, and other conveniences like heated handgrips, stereos, and comfortable seats. As the name suggests a sport touring motorcycle is built for riders who want to sacrifice some comfort for the ability to lean the bike over.


Adventure Motorcycle:

Another fast-growing genre, gaining popularity is called adventure motorcycles, or ADV bikes. These bikes are patterned after the long-popular BMW R-GS bikes, which are basically large street machines that also offer off-road capability.



Often for city dwellers, there's nothing more functional than a scooter. Bigger scooters are comfortable for larger riders, have locking luggage space, and get phenomenal gas mileage.


Retro Motorcycle

With the kind of styling that takes you back into the memory lanes of the past, motorcycling's roots copulated to modern technology like antilock brakes and fuel injection, today's retro bikes are both mechanically simple and utterly reliable








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