علامة تجارية: PROX

كود المنتج: '12310891

التوفر:إنتهى من المخزن

632.50 SAR 632.50


  • Exclusively manufactured for ProX by the reputable and leading OEM factory in Japan
  • Pins features special treatment providing an extremely hard coating, leaving softer inside to increase strength while reducing overall chain wear
  • Pins are heavy press-fitted and do have quad staked riveting for ultra strong connection
  • Solid type bush, roller and plates are all heat treated for incredible tensile strength in combination with low friction andhigh wear resistance
  • Inner plates are designed in specific shape and in combination with unique lightning hole resulting in 3% overall lighter chain
  • X-Ring type chain uses QX-type seal offering 40% less friction and at least 150% increased durability over standard MX chain
  • All chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched to reduce initial chain stretch and immediate performance
  • Chains come with a clip type chain link as standard
  • Separate chain links available for each type of chain

    • Separate chain links available for each type of chain