SPOFO 190/50ZR17 (73W)TL

علامة تجارية: MITAS

كود المنتج: 03021431

التوفر:في المخزن

SAR805.00 805.00

Sport Force+

  • Radial sport tire for riders of sport, naked and supermoto motorcycles
  • SPORT FORCE+ is a safe, dynamic and rider friendly tire. It ensures immediate grip, fast and easy steering and high corner stability. It also helps to steer the bike and provides consistent performance through its lifetime.
  • For SPORT FORCE+ special compounds have been developed to guarantee the best riding performance and perfect tread pattern, construction and reinforcement materials, all of these improvements result in maximum road grip for varied riding conditions and optimised service life. Special additives developed by raw material suppliers ensures high level of grip at low temperatures and fairly constant riding characteristics throughout the service life of a tire.
  • Optimum Groove Technology (OGT3D) for less overheating
  • Strong Carcass Technology (SCT) for longer service life
  • final element analysis (FEA) for high grip and stability
  • Optimum Steel Cord Technology (OSCT) for ideally balanced tire