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double-h? sintered superbike brake pads deliver high performance and are well known as the ebc flagship sintered streetsport brake pad....

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double-h? sintered superbike brake pads deliver high performance and are well known as the ebc flagship sintered streetsport brake pad. ece r 90 brake safety approved and tuv tested, these ultra high friction hh rated brake pads remain a market leader above the rest as nothing else beats the performance of the double-h? sintered superbike brake pad. manufactured in the us in the state-of-the-art sintering plant in ohio, double-h? sintered superbike brake pads perform well in all weather conditions be it dry or wet and have a high longevity lasting for many miles. for race use epfa or gpfax sintered ranges should be considered. ? fast superbike or street brake pad ? ece r 90 approved and t?v tested ? long lifetime and ultra high brake effect ? gives perfect braking in any condition, dry or wet

material performance
model fa-hh series
pads per package 2
style street- and superbike pads
type brake pad

front break applications:
suzuki rg 250 wd gamma 83
suzuki gsx 400 fw/fws/fws-2
suzuki gsx 550 esd/ese/efe/eff/esh/efg (gn71d) 84-87
suzuki gsx 750 se katana (gr72a) 85

rear break applications:
suzuki gsf 250 n/zm/p/np/zp/r/nr bandit (gj74a) 92-96
suzuki gsf 250 vs/vt/vv/vvz/vw/vx/vy bandit (gj77a) 95-00
suzuki gsx 250 fl/fm/fn/fp/fr/fs/ft/fv/fw - across 90-98
suzuki gsx 250 rch/h (gj72a) 87
suzuki gsx 250 ssm katana (gj76a) 91
suzuki gsxr 250 cj (gj72a) 88
suzuki gsxr 250 ck (gj72a) 89
suzuki gsxr 250 rk (gj73a) 89
suzuki rg 250 wd gamma 83
suzuki rg 250 we 84
suzuki rg 250 fg/ch/fch/fh gamma (gj21b) 85-88
suzuki rgv 250 j 88
suzuki rgv 250 k/l (vj21a) 89-90
suzuki tv 250 j/k/ak/l (vj21a) wolf 88-90
suzuki sg 350 n goose 92
suzuki gsf 400 k/nk/z/vm/vzm/p/np/vp/vzp/vr bandit (gk75a) 89-94
suzuki gsf 400 m/n/p bandit 91-95
suzuki gsf 400 s/vs/v-v/vz-v bandit (gk7aa) 95-97
suzuki gsx 400 fw/fws/fws-2
suzuki gsx 400 r2 (gk 7ib)
suzuki gsx 400 r3 (gk 7if)
suzuki gsx 400 fj/fk/fak/fl (gk74a) 88-90
suzuki gsx 400 x/xa/xs impulse
suzuki gsx 400 ssn (gk77a) katana 92
suzuki gsx 400 r/s/t/zr/zs/zt (gk79a) impulse type s 94-96
suzuki gsx 400 x (gk79a) impulse 99
suzuki gsx 400 fsv/fsk1 (gk7b) inazuma 00
suzuki gsxr 400 h 87
suzuki gsxr 400 j/rr/rak (gk73a) 88-90
suzuki gsxr 400 rl/rm/rn/rp/rs (gk76a) 90-95
suzuki rf 400 rp/rr/vr/rt/rvt/rv-v (gk78a) 93-97
suzuki rg 400 ewf/ew-2g/ewh walter wolf (type 1 & 2) 85-87
suzuki sv 400 n (vk53a) 98
suzuki sv 400 x/y/k1/k2 99-02
suzuki sv 400 sn (vk53a) 98
suzuki sv 400 sx/sy/sk1/sk2 99-02
suzuki gs 500 ek/el/em/en/ep/er/es (gm51a) 89-95
suzuki gs 500 et/ev/ew/ex/ey/k1/k2/k3 96-03
suzuki gs 500 fk4/k4/fk5/k5/fk6/k6/fk7/k7/k8/fk8 04-08
suzuki rg 500 g/ch 85-87
suzuki gsx 550 esd/ese/efe/eff/esh/efg (gn71d) 84-87
suzuki gsf 600 s/t/v/w/x (naked bandit) 95-99
suzuki gsf 600 st/sv/sw/sx (faired bandit) 96-99
suzuki gsf 600 y/k1/k2/k3/k4 (naked bandit) 00-04
suzuki gsf 600 sy/k1/k2/k3/k4 (faired bandit) 00-04
suzuki gsx 600 fj (gn72a) 88
suzuki gsx 600 fk/fl/fm/fn/fp/fr/fs/ft/fv (gn72a) 89-97
suzuki gsx 600 fw/fx/fy/fk1/fk2 98-02
suzuki gsx 600 fk3/fk4/fk5/fk6 03-04
suzuki gsxr 600 v/w/x/y (srad) 97-00
suzuki gsxr 600 k1/k2/k3/zk3 01-03
suzuki rf 600 rp/rr/rs/rt/rv (gn76a) 93-97
suzuki sv 650 x/y/k1/k2 (naked - non abs) 99-02
suzuki sv 650 sx/sy/sk1/sk2 (top fairing - non abs) 99-02
suzuki gsxr 750 f/g/h (gr75a) 85-87
suzuki gsxr 750 rg 86
suzuki gsxr 750 j/k/l/m/wn/wp 88-93
suzuki gsxr 750 wr/ws 94-95
suzuki gsxr 750 t/v/w/x (srad) 96-99
suzuki gsxr 750 y/k1/k2/k3 00-03
suzuki gsx 750 w/x/y/k1 98-03
suzuki gsx 750 fk/fl/fm/fn/fp/fr/fs/ft/fv (gr78a) 89-97
suzuki gsx 750 fw/fx/fy/fk1/fk2 98-02
suzuki gsx 750 fk3/fk4/fk5/fk6 03-06
suzuki rf 900 rt/rv/rw 96-99
suzuki tl 1000 sv/sw/sx/sy/sk1 97-01
suzuki tl 1000 rw/rx/ry/rk1 98-02
suzuki gsxr 1100 g/h/j (gv74b) 86-88
suzuki gsxr 1100 k/l/m/n (gv73b) 89-92
suzuki gsxr 1100 wp/wr/ws/wt (gu75a) 93-96
suzuki gsf 1200 t/v/w/x/y (naked bandit - 4 piston caliper) 96-00
suzuki gsf 1200 st/sv/sw/sx/sy (faired bandit - 4 piston caliper) 96-00
suzuki gsf 1200 sav (faired bandit - asb model- 4 piston caliper) 97
suzuki gsf 1200 k1/k2/k3/k4/k5 (naked bandit - 6 piston caliper) 01-05
suzuki gsf 1200 s sk1/sk2/sk3/sk4/sk5 (faired bandit - 6 piston caliper) 01-05
suzuki gsx 1200 fsw/fsx inazuma 98-99
suzuki gsx 1300 rx/ry/rk1/rk2/rk3/rzk3/rk4/rk5/k6/k7 hayabusa 99-07
hyosung comet 250 02
hyosung comet 600 02
magni sport 1200 s 01

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Name Description
LENGTH 52,6 mm (2-5/64")
MATERIAL Copper Alloy
TYPE Sintered Metal
UNITS Set of 2
THICKNESS 9 mm (11/32")
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