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Michelin Commander 2 Tires
Performance Features:

Unrivaled tire life; Michelin tests with a Harley-Davidson® Electra Glide® Classic prove a Michelin® Commander® II is capable of covering up to 40,000 kilometers (Almost 25,000 miles). The Michelin® Commander® II creates a new standard in regards to durability, without making compromises in wet weather grip, maneuverability or stability
Silica Rain Technology integrates silica into the compound of the tire tread in order to prevent all forms of uneven wear
The exclusive architecture of the Michelin® Commander® II brings both maneuverability and stability. The tire’s rigid, high-density carcass improves maneuverability, while the aramid fiber crown ply of the tire enhances resistance and lightness for impeccable stability, even at high speeds
Numerous longitudinal grooves of the tire's tread pattern optimize water dispersal for outstanding wet weather grip
Independent tests show that the Michelin® Commander® II tire lasts almost twice as long its main competitors, the Metzeler ME 880 and the Dunlop D407/408.

Technological Features:

Amplified Density Technology: A highly dense, more-rigid tire casing, which helps deliver excellent feedback and handling
Aramid tread plies on the tire resist centrifugal growth, reduce weight and provide excellent stability
Improved rubber compounds for remarkable wet grip, without compromising durability
Square bead wires improve casing rigidity, handling and ease of installation

Styling Features:

Unique tread pattern for head-turning looks
Premium sidewall treatment complements cruiser styling

Please Note: Check your manufacturer's specifications for required load ratings when replacing OE Tires.

Please Note: 140/75R17 size is a radial tire.