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The ICON ® OPTICSâ„¢ PINLOCKâ„¢ ready shield is designed to fit the AIRFRAME PROâ„¢ and AIRMADAâ„¢ helmets. With the idea of creating a versatile anti-fog solution, we collaborated closely with Pinlockâ„¢ to integrate their system to our Pinlockâ„¢ Ready Optics Shield, allowing the Pinlockâ„¢ shield insert to be installed or changed seamlessly. The Pinlockâ„¢ Pins that are integrated to Pinlockâ„¢ Ready Optics Shield are designed to be eccentric, allowing riders to adjust the tension of their Pinlockâ„¢ insert lenses, that increases the grip of the silicone seal on the Pinlockâ„¢ visor to the helmet visor.Master The ElementsThe Pinlockâ„¢ insert lens provides an enhanced fog resistant solution for ICON ® shields. Pinlockâ„¢ lenses are available in three colors: Clear, Dark Smoke, and ProtecTINTâ„¢ auto darkening coating. The Pinlockâ„¢ insert lens requires a ICON ® Pinlockâ„¢ ready shield. All three Pinlock ready inserts and shields are available for ICON ® OPTICSâ„¢ and VARIANTâ„¢ Shields. ICON PROSHIELDâ„¢ receives Pinlockâ„¢ Clear and ProtecTINTâ„¢ lenses only.